The “Chaim Herzog Museum of the Jewish Warrior in World War II” in the city of Latrun is the main commemorative project in memory of President Chaim Herzog. The museum is supposed to tell the story of the heroism, volunteering, and contribution of about one and a half million Jews from around the world who participated in the fight against the Nazis, among the a quarter of a million who paid their lives in the fights.

Chaim Herzog is one of the most well-known Jewish fighters who participated in World War II. During his service as an officer in the British Army, he took part in historic battles that led to the liberation of Europe from the Nazis, including Normandy landings (D-Day) and the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen camp. He was also involved in the capture and invsetigation of Heinrich Himmler, the commander of the Nazi S.S.

Chaim Herzog wrote about the battles for the liberation of Europe in his Autobiography:

“I was Part of the first allied formation to cross into Germany. The moral as well as the historical significance of the action was not lost on this young Jewish officer from Palestine, among the very first Jews in the World to cross as a free man into the hated Nazi Germany, the scourge of our people and of mankind. I shall never forget the moment we crossed the border in the mud, slush and snow”.

In the Israeli War of Independence, Chaim Herzog participated in the battles over the city of Latrun, where the museum bearing his name is located.

The museum is a joint project of the “Yad Chaim Herzog” memorial foundation, the foundation for establishment of the Jewish Warrior in World War II Museum and the Government of Israel. More details about the museum are attached in the brochure at the home page and in the Museum’s Website: