“I was Part of the first allied formation to cross into Germany. The moral as well as the historical significance of the action was not lost on this young Jewish officer from Palestine, among the very first Jews in the World to cross as a free man into the hated Nazi Germany, the scourge of our people and of mankind. I shall never forget the moment we crossed the border in the mud, slush and snow.” 

Living History, Herzog’s Biography, page 56.


“It is Indeed befitting, that the United Nations, which began its life as an anti-Nazi alliance, should thirty years later find itself on its way to becoming the world center of anti-semitism. Hitler would have felt at home on a number of occasions during the past year, listening to the proceedings in this forum, and above all to the proceedings during the debate on Zionism.”

From Herzog’s historic comment speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations on 3379 resolution comparing Zionism to Racism, 10 November 1975 


“I cannot take Israel’s Independence for Granted, for I have seen the Jewish people emerge from the terrifying depths of the holocaust to ascend the heights of the State of Israel. During all my years in the military, in security, in politics, in the law, in journalism, in economics, in diplomacy and in government, I was inspired by my belief in the eternity of Israel and the compulsion to work toward it. Beyond every setback I see the saga of remarkable achievements in every field of life. The tragedies that befell the Jewish people in my lifetime have no equal. But our victories and achievements have surpassed the dreams of generations. That is why one can dream, one should dream. One must dream.”

Living History, Herzog’s Biography, page 425.


“I have been many things – statesman, diplomat, businessman, commentator, lawyer, family man – but perhaps more than anything, I consider myself a soldier. If one has a great cause, I believe nothing is so noble as the willingness to fight and sacrifice for it.”

Living History, Herzog’s Biography, page 37.


“The sight of living, emaciated skeletons was by now horribly familiar to me but that familiarity didn’t make it any less terrifying. I told some of the survivors that I was a Jewish officer from Palestine. They all burst into tears.”

About the release of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Living History, Herzog’s Biography, page 62.


 “If I had the choice of sitting in an Egyptian aircraft intending to bomb Tel Aviv or sitting at home in Tel Aviv then, for purely selfish reasons, I would prefer, for my health, to stay in Tel Aviv”.

Notable broadcasts prior to the Six-Day War, 1967


“Indeed, it was not one person, one leader or one movement that established the Jewish state. It is the fruit generations of settlement, land cultivation, education and culture, industry and construction. It is a revolution originating in the effort and sacrifice of the pioneers who paved a way for the nation and provided the foundation for its resurrection. Those who rebelled against the wretchedness of the people and the wilderness of the homeland have become its saviors. Ben Gurion was among them. Equipped with their moral power and their social and national vision, but distinct in his fearless leadership and broad perspective, confident of his path and knowing what lies before him.”

Speech in a ceremony marking 100 years to the birth of David Ben Gurion.


“I believe in the Israeli nation. I believe in the State of Israel’s grand future. And I believe, above all, in Rock of Israel and its destiny envisioned by the prophets of yore. I have no doubt that, as we met huge challenges and revolutionized the fate of our nation and its power – we will continue to conquer new peaks and horizons of immigration and peace.”

Taken from his second term inauguration speech, 1988.


“All of the confidential information appears in the papers.”

Relating to the work of the media in Israel


“I cannot but emphasize that I was surprised to hear of the claim, which I will avoid criticizing here. My position was made clear in the past, by which I would tour and visit anywhere to which I am invited in Israel, be it a Jewish or Arab town, within the Green Line or in the Territories, just as I appear at conferences held by all parties, Jewish and Arab, left and right, as long as the Israeli flag waves over them.”

Taken from his speech when visiting Elkana in Samaria, celebrating 13 years to its foundation.