Chaim Herzog Flotilla

The annual Chaim Herzog Flotilla perpetuates the memory of Chaim Herzog through one of his great hobbies – sailing.

President Herzog was an avid boating enthusiast and used to devote a lot of time to this field together with his family and friends.

The flotilla is held every year during the fall in Herzliya, Where Chaim Herzog used to live for decades, and is conducted by the Herzliya Municipality and the Yad Chaim Herzog Memorial Foundation.

The flotilla, in which dozens of sailors from all over the country participate every year, is an official competition of the Israeli Sailing Association and has also been a part of the Israel Sailing Championship.

Yad Chaim Herzog invites sailing enthusiasts to take part in the annual flotilla in memory of the 6th President.


משט חיים הרצוג

תמונה מתוך משט חיים הרצוג, 2012, צילום- אור מנטי
Photo from Chaim Herzog Flotilla in Herzliya,  Photo: Or Manti