The 6th President
Chaim Herzog

The story of his life

Chaim Herzog was born in Belfast in 1918, to Rabannit Sarah and Rabbi Isaac Halevy Herzog, later chief Rabbi of Ireland and Israel.

Herzog served as a combat intelligence officer in the British army during World War II. He took part in the invasion to conquered Europe, the release of Bergen Belsen camp and the capture of SS commander Heinrich Himmler.
In the Israeli army he served as military attaché to the US and as head of Intelligence. Herzog became well known in his encouraging commentaries to the Israeli public during the six days war in 1967, and later was nominated as the first Israeli governor of East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
In 1975 Herzog was appointed as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations. His comment speech to the UN resolution 3379 comparing Zionism to Racism is regarded as a Historic speech, which is famous for the tearing of the resolution by Herzog.
Herzog served as President of Israel for a decade, between 1983-1993. As president, He devoted his best efforts for supporting national unity, respect for minorities and for promoting Israel's position among the nations
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Important Speeches

Zionism-Racism Address

Address by Chaim Herzog, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, delivered at the UN General Assembly on November 10, 1975, in which he rebuked the General Assembly infamous Resolution 3379 equating Zionism with racism. At the end of his speech Herzog tore the resolution's paper.
This speech was chosen by a group of historians headed by the renowned British historian Simon Sebag Montefiore, to be part of 50 historical "Speeches that Changed the World"(Quercus Publishing, London, 2005, 2007, 2013). Here is a link to an interview with Simon Sebag Montefiore where he explains why Chaim Herzog's speech was chosen for the compilation of the great speeches.

Six-Day War

Chaim Herzog's broadcasts to the nation towards and during the Six-Day War (may 28 - June 9, 1967). Herzog's encouraging broadcasts are well-famous for showcasing Israel's spirit during historic days of the war that shaped the Middle East.
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Chaim Herzog Award

The "Chaim Herzog Award for a Unique Contribution to the State of Israel" is awarded to leading and inspiring Israelis who have left a significant mark in key areas that are identified with Chaim Herzog. The prize is jointly awarded by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the "Yad Chaim Herzog" Memorial Foundation. The award is given on the memorial day of the 6th President of Israel.

Chaim Herzog Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II

The central project in commemoration of President Chaim Herzog is the Chaim Herzog Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II. It is being built in Latrun, a site of historic significance between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This Museum is designed to tell the unique story of Jewish heroism and the contribution of some 1.5 million Jews from across the globe to the defeat of the Nazi regime. The Museum will also commemorate the 250,000 Jewish soldiers who gave their lives during the War. Chaim Herzog fought the Nazis as an officer in the British army in WWII, and in 1948 he fought in Latrun during Israel's War of Independence, as an officer in the IDF. The Museum is a joint venture between the Yad Chaim Herzog Memorial Foundation, the Association for Establishing the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II, and the government of Israel. The attached brochure provides some basic details about the project.

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The Book Living History

“I cannot take Israel’s Independence for Granted, for I have seen the Jewish people emerge from the terrifying depths of the holocaust to ascend the heights of the State of Israel. During all my years in the military, in security, in politics, in the law, in journalism, in economics, in diplomacy and in government, I was inspired by my belief in the eternity of Israel and the compulsion to work toward it. Beyond every setback I see the saga of remarkable achievements in every field of life. The tragedies that befell the Jewish people in my lifetime have no equal. But our victories and achievements have surpassed the dreams of generations. That is why one can dream, one should dream. One must dream.”
Autobiography of Chaim Herzog that was published shortly before he passed away. In his unique way, Chaim Herzog describes the way of a Jewish boy in Ireland who became military commander, diplomat and President of Israel. The book gives a testimony to amazing times, including WWII, the establishment of the State of Israel and fascinating political, security and international events in its history.

The Book The War of Atonement

Herzog’s book about the historic 1973 war was a bestseller and is known for being a key source of studying about the war that shocked the Middle East. Herzog, who was a main commentator to the Israeli and International public during the war, used his entire military experience for shaping comprehensive and detailed research.
The book was published shortly after the war and made a huge interest for leaders, military commanders and enthusiastic readers. The conclusions that emerged from the book made a great impact and were part of major processes in the State of Israel that led to the peace agreement with Egypt.