Chaim Herzog Award

The “Chaim Herzog Award for a Unique Contribution to the State of Israel” is awarded to leading and inspiring Israelis who have left a significant mark in key areas which are mainly associated with President Chaim Herzog’s legacy.

The prize is jointly awarded by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the “Yad Chaim Herzog” Memorial Foundation. The award is given every two years on the memorial day of the 6th President.

The public is invited to propose “Yad Chaim Herzog” deserved candidates for the award, which also includes a financial grant.

Among the past winners of the award:

  • Prof. Elyakim Rubinstein, former Vice President of the Supreme Court and Attorney General
  • Major General Orna Barbivai, former head of Manpower Directorate and Minister of Economy.
  • Major General Yeshayahu (Sheikha) Gavish, Palmach and IDF commander in the wars for Israel’s independence.
  • Major General Amos Horev, Palmach and IDF commander in the wars for Israel’s independence.
  • Major General Meir Dagan, former head of the Mossad.
  • Dr. Yossi Vardi, one of Israel’s first high-tech entrepreneurs.
  • Judge Hadassah Ben-Itto, a senior jurist and activist for women’s rights.
  • Lieutenant General Zvi Tzur, 6th Chief of Staff of the IDF.
  • Prof. Stanley Fischer, former governor of the Bank of Israel and VC of Federal Reserve.
  • Dov Lautman, industrialist, businessman, and leading philanthropist.
  • Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, former Director General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Zeev Schiff, journalist and military commentator.
  • Efraim Halevy, diplomat and former head of Israeli Mossad.

הענקת הפרס ב-2018, צילום: מרים אלסטר

Awarding of 2018, photo: Miriam Elster


הענקת הפרס ב-2009, צילום: ששון תירם

Awarding of 2009, photo: Sasson Tiram


מפגש עם זוכה הפרס אליקים רובינשטיין בבית הנשיא ב-2018, צילום: חיים צח לעמ

With 2018’s Laureate Elyakim Rubinstein at the President’s Residence in 2018, photo: Haim Tzach GPO